Some snack, some don't and that's all ok. If you are a snacker (like me) and want to organize a sweet little treat there's this thing we can do . . a snack station. Here's the deal, if I wander to the kitchen I may choose a healthy option like hummus + veggies or I may grab an extra slice of something that I really didn't want. But hey I was bored or tired or fake hungry or something.

It's important to keep body fuel aka real food (the stuff that has no label) nearby, convenient and top of mind. Let's do that first.

  • Grab a bowl, a basket, a flower pot, a wooden box or whatever other 'container' you'd like to use. Now add apple, pear, orange, mango, banana, avocado or any fruit / veggie that is compatible for out of fridge life.

  • Make it pretty so you like to look at it and then make a deal to grab a snack from here regularly.

  • You can also organize the fridge with containers that allow you to see the food better, wash / cut / prep snacks for grab + go and generally purge out the junk stuff.

Now think about your out-of-kitchen experiences like office or bedroom for example. I typically find myself wanting something sweet or salty so I made a 2nd snack station with jars. This one has granola, seed + nuts, spicy plantain chips, dark chocolate, organic gummy bears and popcorn crisp m&ms on the bottom layer. I keep my Goli gummies on the top.

I chose the flute jars and they hold plenty! We have a mechanism for feeling full that has something to do with sight. For example if you use large plates and fill it full you eat more than if you used a medium or smaller plate. But.... your brain can think you are full because your small plate was full... hmmmmm.

Ok so also there's the efficiency factor (aka lazy girl phenomenon) meaning that if you eat the whole jar you know you have to go find the stuff and do the filling up again. It's also very visible and super convenient to unscrew the lid, grab a bite or two and go on about my business feeling satisfied.

The granola is in chunks that I break to size myself or I grab a bag of Crazy Monkey Granola already in bite sizes.

The seeds and nuts are a loose mix. Dark chocolate is broken into small pieces (and yeah I've been known to pour out a few looking for the biggest bite :)

I keep my vitamin supplements and my daily peach collagen in the same location AND as I mentioned my Goli gummies are on the top rack. So I go in for the healthy stuff and sometimes I'm satisfied by that alone -- that collagen hit + Goli will take care of the sweet craving.

The point is to be flexible, make life easier, keep the goal of healthier choices in mind and do something new!

I grabbed the jars and lids from Walmart, the 2 tiered tray from Target and the goodies from Costco, Amazon, Natural Grocers and Goli. Sometimes I also add homemade snacks to this assortment - just have to watch them due to no preservatives.


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