Get Muddy

Updated: Oct 12

Who would have thought you'd get super clean by getting muddy? It's glacial marine mud and it is fabulous! We had a little pampering date night and he went Batman style this week.

We both love the way our skin feels after more than 50 minerals and trace elements with zinc and sea botanicals. And it doesn't take too long so he's up for it :)

It helps draw out impurities and toxins - you really feel the difference. It's good a couple times a week as part of your normal routine for skin renewing radiance. Cleansed, detoxified, softer, hydrated and rejuvenated skin is just a little mud away!

Whether it's date night, self care time, weekly pampering or any other reason that suits you, it's all good with a bit of mud :)

Check it out and get a huge discount!

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