Get a full tank. Keep a full bank.

Sometimes we like to go. Sometimes we like to stay. These days the cost to get around is more notable. I'm thankful that we aren't all riding in Flintstones style or horse and buggy [although there are days that pace can feel more comfortable]. Since gasoline is high on the list it's important that we find ways to save.

We carpool and add errands together on single outings. But the time to visit the pump still comes. I'll be the first to say that in the past I've favored time over money and I still do. However, the little bit of time it takes to save some money can in the end save our time making more . . . makes sense right?

Good news! There's a fairly simple way to save on gas that doesn’t take long. A few minutes for the set up process and less than a minute when you pull up to the pump. It's called GetUpside.

Here's how to start. Download the app. Use invite code 26WKF to get extra savings.

Then when it's time for gas just open the app and select a station. Pull up at the pump and claim your rewards.

Once the rewards process [this can take a couple days but what’s the rush if we've been leaving this cash behind all along] you can cash out for other items you purchase. Retailers, pharmacy, restaurants, hardware stores, online and PayPal are all options for receiving these new cash back bonuses!

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