Comfy Camo Leggings

Updated: 5 days ago

These are slick! Seriously they feel great. 2 huge pockets, lots of color options, durable and so so comfortable.

I'll admit I missed out on the early leggings trend. It had a lot to do with the lack of pockets and some to do with the high waist.

Needless to say after a short trial run, embracing this trend was not hard to do. You can sit and stretch and bend and go from errands to a walk or the gym with ease.

They dress up really well with a change of shoes and some accessories. I tend to spend more time in my kicks with my favorite Feetures sock (check them out too).

Oh and they do really well as a transition pant. Here in the land of mountain ranges you can go from 5000' elevation with just your fashionable leggings all the way up to 10,000' by adding a warmer layer on top - no changing station needed.

No matter the location, if you are considering a new legging option, try these :)

Be sure to share your favorite pair of leggings too! We all need an expanding collection of these transitional, comfy options :)

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