Life is a compilation of stories . . the good ones, the ones that help us grow and the ones we can't help but retell.  We love to tell them and we love to hear them.

Here's our story.  We lived in Atlanta (suburbs + city) for decades.  Raised a few kiddos, built some homes, sold real estate, hung out at the pool ate great food and did lots of shopping.  I loved being part of a bustling community and always had some projects in the mix.


We decided to change things up so we moved to Montana - sight unseen just a leap of faith and it has been nothing short of spectacular!  We've hiked and backpacked and toured National Parks.  Been on some one of a kind trips and driven and seen things that will literally cause you to gasp.  We've done things we never knew were possible and we've completely changed our way of life.  

Keep in mind we are affiliates, brand reps, partners, influencers . . aren't we all in some way?!  The good news is this is your one stop for links and info on things we've already tried for you.  If you know us personally, you know we can be picky.  So not everything we buy + try makes the cut for share worthy.  Also you may see some things we love make it to our social media before it finds a home here.

The things we love, we share.  Some of the shares have discount codes - YAY for you!  They also can come with referral or affiliate relationships that we may be paid for sharing - YAY us!  There is no cost to you -- only perks.  Get a real life perspective {one of many for sure} and cash in on some savings too.

We want to share the possibilities for lifestyle influences, buy the things, save money and turn dreams into reality.  The tools and the resources we've fallen in love with on the way are here to be shared and they are first hand accounts with all the real deal info.  We hope you love them.  We hope you share them and all your FAVs too! 


This guy is always up for helping me out - he's a sharer and supporter like none other. Sometimes it comes with spicy commentary :)


First Born

Here's another chill bro who changed me forever and continues to share in epic adventures. So much fun to hang out with!



Blessed to have amazing peeps in my life and to get to spend my days with them. Grateful beyond measure. Hoping to share all the love with ya!