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This is a place for our FAVORITE things - things we want to share and we hope you will too!  You will find some deals + discounts, direct links to products you can explore and ideas for more ways to save on things you love and already purchase.

Some of the links will take you directly to My Brand Affiliate Health & Beauty site for detailed product information and discounted offers.  I've been a raving fan of some of these products for years and have shared them with many others who also call them FAVs.  Sometimes we just need to know ALL the stuff like ingredients and the scientific details . .  AND of course we want ALL the deals!  You can preview all the tech specs, tutorials, testimonials and product details for each FAV.  The discounts will show when you select the item.  If you want a personalized set of items after review, just chat and I'll make it happen :)

You will see links to Amazon products we've fallen for - we are affiliated there too.  Let's just say our UPS / FedEx peeps know us well.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  There is no cost to you and you get the benefit of our 'real people' experience.

We are also fans of Goli gummies and have partnered with them to share all the benefits.  There are many to choose from and it's an easy way to add to our nutritional profile. Discounts and bundles are also available.

Our social media will include items we may not have linked to yet but we are loving so we are sharing #sharingiscaring. Basically we like things that make life easier and more enjoyable.  A good product can help with good habits.  Saving money is always a perk and finding items with real results from real people is what we are about :)